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The dream of flying

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We made our dream of flying together come true in Arcones and Ávila. The tandem flight is one of the best ways to enter the amazing world of free flight. We enjoy having the best flying areas in Spain, in Piedrahita (Ávila) and Arcones (Segovia), with its orientation and aerology, together with its spacious taking off and landings zones. You can contact with us at the following telephone number 654 219 182 or by email: freeskyacademy@gmail.com. Do come and try to practice, with total security, this exciting sport. You will take with you unforgettable images and will make your dream of flying come true.

Where we fly

Free Sky Academy is located just ten minutes away from the flying areas of Arcones and Piedrahita, two areas recognized as one of the best flying zones for the practice of this sport. Tandem Free flight as well as hand-glider. Depending on the meteorological conditions, we can go to any other flying area.

  • Arcones

    District of Segovia

    Taking off at Las Berrocosas. North – North West – West orientation 1850 meters. Spacious landing at Las Matas.

  • Piedrahita

    District of Ávila

    DeTaking off at Puerto de Peña Negra North – North West – West orientation. 1840 meters.

  • Valle de Abdalajis

    District of Málaga

    Orientación: Poniente: N-O; Levante:S-E. Desnivel: 650 m. y 240 m. Altitud: Picacho: 99Om; La Capilla: 650 m. Amplios aterrizajes.

  • Others locations

    Please consult us for other locations.

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Worlwide flying trips

Fly worldwide

We organize trips worldwide. If you are a paraglider pilot with a current insurance license and want to get know flying areas within our national territory as well as abroad, Free Sky Academy offers you the opportunity to fly in the best recognized areas, we have considerable experience organizing these flights. If the meteorological conditions are not favorable, we offer you the possibilities to develop all kind of active tourism and alternative sports.


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The pilot

Security, experience and professionalism.

Ricardo Nuñez

Professional pilot

"It has been my luck to learn from one of the best paragliders Spanish pilots of: Miliki, the paraglider and Fenda hand-glider instructor since 1992. His great enthusiasm took me up too his level in a few years. I enjoyed with him flying for thousands of hours as well as doing cross- country. I also inherited from him the knowledge to learn from other friends: the vultures, birds that know when and where to fly, we can trust them. They also gave me a lot of information on how to pilot a paraglider. The world of flying is within everyone’s reach. Take advantage! It is your time!".

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